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meet me in outer space

18 March 1981
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...and justice for all, 420, adam sandler, alcoholica, aliens, alkaline trio, american chopper, art, astrology, atlantis, aurora borealis, avenged sevenfold, babies, bam margera, bass guitar, black sabbath, bob burnquist, bob rock, bob seger, bondage, brendan fraiser, budweiser, burger king, busch grand national, california, cars, cats, chains, cheech and chong, cheeze, cliff burton, clutch, comedy, computers, concerts, cooking, corrosion of conformity, criminal minds, csi, dale earnhardt, dale earnhardt jr, dale jarrett, darrel waltrip, dave matthews band, david letterman, death, dei, disturbed, dodges, drag racing, drake bell, eminem, fast cars, fire, firebirds, fishing, flirting, frogs, funky socks, fuse, ghost hunters, glitter, grateful dead, gym class heroes, hating jeff gordon, hemi, him, incubus, infectious grooves, interior decorating, james hetfield, jerry cantrell, jesse james, kasey kahne, kevin harvick, kids, kill 'em all, kirk hammett, kittie, lars ulrich, led zeppelin, life, lily allen, love, lynyrd skynyrd, master of puppets, men, metal, metallica, mike v, mikey, monster garage, mopar, music, my car, nascar, nature, northern lights, numb3rs, ozzy, paranormal investigating, parenting, paul jr, paul sr, pink floyd, poetry, poking smot, potatoes, powerpuff girls, racing, ram, religion, ride the lightning, rise against, road trips, rob trujillo, robert trujillo, rock music, rollerblading, ryan sheckler, sadomasochism, scooby doo, seti, singing, skateboarding, sleep, so what, soap operas, solar flares, song lyrics, space, space exploration, spacegrass, sparkly things, spiders, spongebob squarepants, suicidal tendencies, system of a down, taps, tinkerbell, tony hawk games, tool, water, weed, whips, winston cup, wizard of oz